Erasmus Policy Statement

Visoka šola za zdravstvene vede Slovenj Gradec (University College for Health Sciences - UCHS) – UCHS was founded in May 2009 and started with the implementation of bachelor study programme Health care in 2009/2010. The programme is modelled by Bologna declaration standards and offers students a profession of graduate nurse with a diploma they can use in all European countries. Studies are practically oriented and the students are from the beginning until the end of study in close contact with the clinical environment especially with the regional General hospital in Slovenj Gradec and Koroška’s home for elderly people. Although UCHS doesn’t have a long history of international cooperation the school has already signed 4 agreements of cooperation with similar educational institution in Finland, Bosna and Hercegovina, Croatia and Tailand. Beside that, our teaching staff has many good connections with related educational institutions all over Europe and the cooperation between those and our school is ensured. The Erasmus programme is a great possibility for UCHS to start the activities of International office which will encourage and help students, teaching and research staff as also other employees to join the mobility. We expect our students to mostly choose mobility for practise. Study programme Health care requires 2300 hours of practical work in clinical environment for each student in three years time and the experiences from abroad are welcome. With practical experiences from different European countries - social and medical institutions, our students will obtain greater competences and wider look into their future profession. Also exchange of teacher and research staff is one of the priorities of UCHS and European experts from abroad are already visiting UCHS. UCHS wants to start working on different research and other projects with other similar colleges and education institutions in Europe. In cooperation with different foreign experts (confessed professors – mostly from Finland) UCHS has already designed a master study programme of Health sciences in which those experts mentioned will also participate as performers of some lectures. The programme is in the accreditation process right now. With all mentioned, the quality of all activities of UCHS will rise and the name of our college will be recognized in Europe.

In short, our main aims until the year 2013 when obtaining the Erasmus University Charter, are:

  • Establishment of International office for promoting and implementing all international activities of UCHS.
  • Establishment of direct contacts with foreign European social and medical institutions with a suitable mentor, tutor
  • and placement for student’s practise in clinical environment
  • Include into the programme curriculum at least one foreign expert each study year.
  • Send to foreign college, educational institution or social/medical institution at least one member of teaching or research staff per study year.

Quality of academic mobility activities

UCHS uses Bologna degree structure and ECTS systems which is recognizable in most European countries and enables transparency and comparability between similar educational institutions in Europe. All student activities are measured and assessed with ECTS credit points. All activities – theoretical and practical knowledge, which the students will acquire abroad will be fully or partially recognized as part of the student’s degree. Diploma supplement will include the information about Erasmus mobility. We will provide information packages for out-coming students and all the obligations of the students will be agreed before the mobility. We will help them in making contacts with the institution they would like to visit and to fill up all the demanded documents. For every generation of students we will prepare short workshops about advantages of Erasmus mobility and short information about how to fill the forms, what to expect abroad and at the same time we would share the experiences of those students who were already on their mobility in the past. For in-coming students we will prepare introductions days and meeting with our Slovene students. Beside Erasmus coordinator also a student tutor will be provided for them. They would be included into short workshops about Slovene language, culture, Koroška region and town Slovenj Gradec. The accommodation will be provided in town Slovenj Gradec near UCHS. For academic and administrative staff also short workshops about Erasmus mobility will be provided and the help with the preparing all the documents, making contacts, providing accommodation will be ensured. For in-coming academic staff we will organize also meeting with our teaching staff, students and town authorities. The Erasmus mobility will be assessed by Senate’s Commission after each year’s report. On this base the plan for next academic year will be made.