The International Council of Nurses stresses that research work is new knowledge for preserving health and for all people’s wellbeing. 

Nursing at the SRA (Slovenian Research Agency) is not managed as a research discipline. That’s why our college will strive to get it classified as such, as well as getting the European classification of research activity (CERIF – CERCS). The purpose of researching in the health sciences field is to develop knowledge, which support and guide its development. Researching provides improvements to quality in healthcare. 

Research in nursing is not intended only for theoretical knowledge development, but has to be steered mainly into improving the nursing clinical practice. Our college will strive to develop clinical research through the research institute and will find opportunities and paths for successful transfer of research findings into practice. 

Nursing practice must be based on research findings (evidence based nursing practice). 

The research activity at FHSS is being developed together with the clinical environment, where students, with the help of their mentors, develop research knowledge, which is being utilized in the Nursing course, and is presented at seminars.