Students will gain knowledge in the field of health sciences, they will be trained in the search for new knowledge resources in a professional and scientific field, trained to take responsibility, to manage demanding systems in health care, and to develop critical reflection and social communication capabilities to manage team work.

The basic goal of the program is to create a graduate, in accordance with the acquired competencies within the study program, which is required by the health, social and other institutions:

  • To train a student to understand the placement of health care in the broader context of healthcare, health and public health systems, and to actively and constructively cooperate in procedures for improving the quality of health and social care.
  • To train students to understand and respond appropriately to wider globalization processes in health and social care with
  • Educate health professionals with extensive professional, organizational and management skills to understand the functioning of hospitals and other healthcare institutions, primarily in terms of preparing, implementing and managing programs and all accompanying activities.
  • To train a student to develop theoretical, empirical, methodological and reflective, critical knowledge for the further development of disciplines in the field of health sciences, improving health, promoting health and ensuring the integrity of the individual
  • Linking theory and practice as a central element of the profession in the field of health science.
  • Designing future professional master's thesis in the field of health sciences, according to the company's expectations, taking into account the active role of the individual as an equal partner in the process of preserving health and treatment.
  • Preparing the foundation for developing knowledge for practice "Evidence-based practice",
  • To train the student for independent scientific and research work.
  • To train the student for personal and professional development.
  • To train a student for teamwork.
  • Due to the large selection of subjects, it is expected that graduates will be well trained and that they will work successfully in a specific health and social environment.​