Faculty of Health and Social Sciences Slovenj Gradec is carrying out a higher educational study programme of Nursing, which is in accordance with the European Union’s sectoral directive (2005/36/ES and 2013/36/ES ), the Bologna declaration, and enables employment employment of our graduates in all EU member countries.

The first level study programme of Nursing is a programme where a basic profile of nursing givers is moulded. 

The latter is designed according to the needs of the modern society, it connects theory and practice. It gives students the option of selecting courses in their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd study year. It also provides modern theoretical and practical knowledge. 

After graduation the graduate gains the title Registred Nurse (RN). It is a regulated profession that is distinguished by caring for other people and it brings a great amount of personal fulfilment. The profession is deficient not only in the Koroška region but in the broader, national and international space as well. 

Following the example of European countries we will have to increase the number of highly educated staff in nursing in Slovenia. Also, we will have to strive to obtaining knowledge on the 2nd and 3rd bologna level. New knowledge in nursing translates into advances and development of nursing.