The Faculty of Health and Social Sciences Slovenj Gradec is striving to be a student friendly, high quality higher education institution, which is competitive both at home and abroad, with flexible, lean management and workings, that is capable to adjust to the demands of modern society and clinical environment. With emphasis on applicable knowledge and the employment for graduates the faculty will strengthen the cooperation with practice as well as research and development cooperation. This will be done with autonomous and self-initiative efforts, as well as improving interconnectedness and cooperation to achieve synergistic effects.

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences Slovenj Gradec creates new knowledge from the field of health and social sciences in in harmony between students, lecturers and other users and applies this knowledge in the clinical environment. Cooperation with the clinical environment is imperative for the study programs and all faculty partners. The basic feature of graduate and postgraduate study programs is practice based learning, which creates the right conditions for transferring knowledge from the academic institution to the clinical environment and thus improving employment opportunities of graduates. Which in turn leads to better recognition of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences Slovenj Gradec.

Faculty of health and social sciences Slovenj Gradec bases its education, research, public functions, and relationships between members on values of ensuring the highest amount of quality, which translates into academic excellence, academic freedom of the staff and the students. Especially emphasized are the freedom of creativity, human rights, solidarity, humanism, and an ethical and responsible relation towards students teachers, staff, and clinical mentors.