Dear future students, 

The decision to enrol to a study program from the field of health sciences is a big challenge for an individual. Our advantage, besides our small size, which enables us to know every student and attend to them personally, is competence, ethics, professionality and friendliness. We are recognisable in Slovenia and abroad, because we connect European scientific strategies with higher education.

Since our establishment we are striving for high quality education on the graduate and post-graduate study program. We are closely cooperating with the clinical environment in health and social care institutions, where our students acquire rich experience for treating individuals and groups with all specialities. Our lecturers are exceptional professionals, with rich pedagogical and research experiences, making our graduates equipped with ethical values and competences in accordance with the EU directive and modern applied knowledge for working in the clinical environment.

We invite you to join us. We are certain that the study, this important chapter in the life of every person, will permanently stay in your memory. 
Come and become a part of our story.

                                                                                                             Prof.  Danica Železnik, PhD