We live in a period of global change, when health education, health promotion and people's awareness of a healthy lifestyle are becoming more complex. Healthy nutrition, regular physical activity and mental health care are key factors in protecting and strengthening health of every individual. They contribute to better health, higher quality of life and contribute to active and healthy aging. It is important how a person thinks about health, eating habits and physical activities in all age groups; therefore, the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences Slovenj Gradec established a Center for the Quality of Life and a Healthy Lifestyle a few years ago with the aim of promoting research, education, investing in health and sustainable development in the Koroška region and beyond. 

During the period of astablishment, the Center gained a lot of experience in the fields of investments in health and development, reduction of inequalities in health, social determinants of health and strengthening of civil society in order to achieve higher quality of life.

The Center enables obtaining professional information for a long-lasting lifestyle change and strengthening mental health.


Uroš Železnik, RN, MNc